GSAC Election Analysis


Close contact with voters is imperative in ensuring that the pre-election campaign gains a significant advantage in the struggle for people’s votes. Research shows that personal communication with the potential voters is the most reliable method of actually securing their vote. Old methods of electoral struggle not only give up their positions quickly, but are more costly then the modern solutions. 
VRM is crucial to sustaining persistent contact with both party supporters and potential voters. In doing so, VRM works with the party’s database, associated call-centers and widgets tied up to social media platforms.
Moreover, a machine learning software is built into VRM to facilitate forming personalized messages for voters based on clustering algorithms.

Dr. Tamaz Khunjua Project Founder and Director
Gela Vasadze Senior Fellow of Georgian Strategic Analysis Center.
Nodar Kharshiladze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center
Dr. Giorgi Targamadze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center

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