GSAC Election Analysis


To this day, personal contact with potential voters is regarded as the single most productive method of pre-election campaigning. For that reason, the door-to-door method of campaigning is widely used all around the world. Research shows that only in personal interactions with the potential voters can one make accurate predictions about the election outcomes and adjust the efforts accordingly. 
However, the success of the door-to- door method depends on many factors, with the preparation and management of volunteers being the most important one. Without modern technologies it is virtually impossible to maximize the efficiency of the direct interaction with the potential voters.
The mobile application developed specifically for overseeing the volunteers is the best method of ensuring efficiency and productivity.  
The interaction algorithm functions as follows:

  1. Based on machine learning VRM clusters the data of the potential voters based on their support for the party and their geographic location.
  2. The information is transmitted to the personal pages of the campaign managers who then distribute the task to their volunteers.
  3. The volunteer gets the information via the mobile application and begins the house-to-house canvassing with a better    understanding of the potential and the capacity to shape a more personalized agenda. A built-in GPS tracker allows the head of HQ to oversee the volunteer’s work in real time.
  4. On the Election Day, the mobile application can appear as a very effective instrument in the observation of the overall election process.
Dr. Tamaz Khunjua Project Founder and Director
Gela Vasadze Senior Fellow of Georgian Strategic Analysis Center.
Nodar Kharshiladze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center
Dr. Giorgi Targamadze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center

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