GSAC Election Analysis


A party’s success in the elections relies heavily on team effort. However, even with highly motivated and responsible associates in place, it is often difficult to effectively coordinate staff. The necessity of micromanagement can often become the bottleneck of the entire campaign, simple and routine cost too much time and resources. Worst of all, the problem of stuff coordination grows non-linearly with the expansion of the campaign headquarters and therefore becomes especially severe for the largest and most prominent political parties.
Fortunately, modern solutions, such as Business Process Management software exist today and can take on most of the management functions. Implementing technological tools allows a party to have 24/7 contact with HQs workers, volunteers and managers. Moreover, HQ heads have the ability to oversee the campaign progress and work completion. The software also provides a solution to the flexible system of wage distribution, which is crucial to sustaining a healthy motivation for workers and enhancing management of the party’s financial resources.
In conjunction with a voter relationship management system and mobile application for volunteers, the campaign management system covers all administrative needs of the party both in the pre-election period and in an everyday work.
Such solutions have been present in Western markets for a considerable period of time. Our team possesses all the competencies necessary for both localizing the available solutions and developing them from scratch.

Dr. Tamaz Khunjua Project Founder and Director
Gela Vasadze Senior Fellow of Georgian Strategic Analysis Center.
Nodar Kharshiladze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center
Dr. Giorgi Targamadze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center

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