GSAC Election Analysis

New technology in political struggle

Democratic elections with equal opportunities for all participants are imperative for the stable development of the country. However, in many hybrid democracies the situation is far from ideal: ruling parties possess disproportionate amounts of resources, along with access to the media that gives them an ability to promote their narrative.

We believe that modern technologies can provide a solution to even up the distribution of power. Technological tools can not only help parties secure votes but also reduce the costs associated with pre-election campaigns. In order to ensure Georgia’ sustainable development and democratic transmission, such solutions must be available to and implemented by all political players.

Our center, together with our group of IT experts has the full set of skills and abilities necessary for the development and implementation of the following solutions:

  • IT Solutions
Dr. Tamaz Khunjua Project Founder and Director
Gela Vasadze Senior Fellow of Georgian Strategic Analysis Center.
Nodar Kharshiladze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center
Dr. Giorgi Targamadze Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center

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