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Comments On The Edison Research Polls
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Comments On The Edison Research Polls

By Giorgi Rukhadze #2020ParliamentaryElections

Recently published Edison Research polls are quite interesting for a number of reasons. Research findings illustrate that Georgia is highly susceptible to a host of changes to come in the near future. To begin with, it has been found that 49% of the research participants believe that the country is currently moving in a wrong direction. Moreover, 49% of respondents think that Georgia has a good chance for a sustainable development, but only if the ruling “Georgian Dream” party is replaced by the united opposition. Finally, “nine bloody years” of the United National Movement are perceived to be twice better than the period of the “Georgian Dream” rule. It is also important to note that despite of the constitutional amendments, Georgian population preserved the mentality of the presidential republic. Georgian citizens are used to counting down to two terms in a row, and are therefore ready for the change.

All of the factors mentioned above are coupled with a deplorable state of economic affairs and two third of the Georgian population currently on the verge of poverty. Change is therefore, not only likely to happen, but is also urgently needed.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the change will inevitably occur. It has to originate from the Georgia’s political arena, which means that it depends heavily on the opposition parties’ choice of tactics and strategies amidst the upcoming elections.

Giorgi Ruhadze (GSAC) commenting on the Edison Research polls for Formula TV Formula • ფორმულა

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